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E-commerce: We offer products and services for sale on this site using Squarespace.

To avoid learning your credit card information, we’ve partnered with Stripe and PayPal to securely process payment. As such, we never learn or store your credit card information. They share your name and mailing address so that we can ship your purchase to you.

Returns/Refunds: If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, unopened product can be returned within 7 days of receipt, but please contact us first at support@steepthesenses.com. 

We cannot accept returns on open product, however, we want all of our customers to be satisfied with their purchase.  If you are unhappy with your order please contact us at support@steepthesenses.com so that we can resolve the problem.

Comments: This site allows users to comment/leave reviews. Comments are moderated, and comments that are abusive, spammy or contain profanity will be deleted.

Intellectual Property: This site contains intellectual property owned by
Melanie C. Holsti, including trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property. However, we want you to share our content.  You are free to share links to my content, or brief excerpts with a link back to this site. You may not share photos from this site without written permission.  You may contact me at steepthesenses at yahoo.com to request permission.

Changes: These terms were last updated 4-25-2018.  Notice of changes to privacy policy will be sent via the newsletter emails.

Privacy Policy

This site collects information on you in two ways:
1. The information that you manually provide us by filling out our contact form, signing up for our email list or making a purchase. This information can be tied directly to you because of the information you’ve provided.
2. The information that’s automatically collected via our third-party
partners: Squarespace, Convertkit, and Shipstation.  Information collected here include things like pages you visit and your location. Generally, our third-party partners only give us this information in the aggregate (e.g. it’s not identifiable to you) but sometimes this information can be directly tied to you such as which emails you open and click on.

We do our best to protect your sensitive personal information. We protect it by partnering with Stripe and Paypal to process your credit card payments.

We use the information we collect to provide you with content that serves your needs and interests.

The information collected is only shared with others when necessary to serve you, such as to let you know when we add a new tea to our inventory that you might like.

If you would like to know what information we have that’s directly attributable to you, please email us at steepthesenses at yahoo.com.


I do not conduct business between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday so that my family may observe the Sabbath together.  I will respond to any emails received during that time either on Saturday night or on Sunday, depending upon the time of year and how late sunset is.  Orders placed during that time will generally ship on Monday unless it is a Federal holiday.  Thank you for understanding.

Shipping Policy

Orders will generally be shipped within 2 business days of being placed. We do not ship on Saturdays or post office holidays.  We do our best to keep our online inventory current and accurate.  In the event that we discover we are out of stock on an item you have purchased, we will contact you so that you may decide whether to accept a substitution, a partial refund, or to cancel your order.