Just Open The Door

Disclaimer: I received a free advance copy of the book "Just Open the Door" to review.

I've been reading Jen Schmidt's blog, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam for several years now.  Jen has always been open and frank about her family's joys and struggles, yet also faithful and encouraging.


Recently, I got the opportunity to read Jen's new book, "Just Open the Door" before it was released. 

The timing was uncanny. 

This past winter was pretty sparse in terms of spending time with people outside our immediate family.  The weather was worse than usual, and we were working hard on the tea room in town.  Our physical and emotional reserves were at a low ebb, and our fellowship circle was going through a rough transition. 

Mind you, our family was happy and healthy and growing spiritually, but we were feeling pretty disconnected.  I think we have to go through seasons like that so we can really see and appreciate our blessings.

Steep The Senses Unleavened Bread tea party

I finished reading Jen's book right before Passover and the Week of Unleavened Bread.  It was exactly the encouragement I needed in my own personal life, and confirmation that my goals for my business are on the right track. 

"A good cup of tea, like the perfect cup of coffee, can't be rushed without circumventing its original intent."

I was inspired to reach out to some of the women in our fellowship, and we agreed that we needed to make time to spend together.  One of the ladies graciously offered her beautiful home, and we held an afternoon women's (and girls too) tea party and Bible Study. 

We had wonderful matzah sandwiches, cream puffs, no-bake cookies and apple bread, and we drank our way through several pots of tea.  All told, we spent about 4 hours together, talking, praying and making up for lost time.  We can't wait to gather together again.

"Tea time is simply for the sake of learning about and enjoying one another."

Just so you know, that advance copy of the book is the only thing I was given, and I don't get a portion of sales or any other compensation for writing this post.  I think the message of "Just Open the Door" is so terribly important, that I wouldn't have accepted any sort of compensation even if it had been offered.


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