What is an Herb & Fruit Tisane?

Herb & Fruit Iced Tea

Herb & Fruit tisanes are a really exciting option in the tea world.  They are a combination of dried fruits, herbs, flowers and natural flavorings.  They smell wonderful, and are pretty to look at, much like potpourri, but their flavors are where they really shine.  The flavors are strong, tart, rich and complex, and there is no danger of bitterness from over-steeping. 

About the only way to go wrong with steeping these tisanes, is with the steeping water.  I have found the well water in some areas (I'm looking at you, Harding County, South Dakota!) can turn what should be a lovely reddish beverage a strange and unappetizing greyish purple color.

All of the herb & fruit tisanes that I offer contain vitamin C, and are free of caffeine.  All of them are delicious hot, iced or as a frozen summertime treat.  They can be sweetened with Stevia, honey, or sugar, or left unsweetened.  Milk will curdle in these tisanes, so save it for your breakfast cereal.

I began offering the herb & fruit tisanes as an option for children, but have found them to be very popular with adults.  They are ideal for a Mom (or Grandma) and Me tea party.

*Since I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor, I won't be making any sort of health claims about the teas that I sell, nor can I recommend a tea to help you with a health problem that you may be experiencing.  I encourage you to research the possible risks and benefits of anything you consume, and to consult a trusted health practitioner for advice on anything you are unsure of.

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